Somiya Jinja Shrine

Somiya Jinja Shrine そうみやじんじゃ
The Biggest Shrine in Nagai
This shrine is located opposite to Nagai Ayame Park. Yamatotakeru-nomikoto, Onamuchi-nomikoto, Amanokoyane-nomikoto, and Ukanomitama-nomikoto are enshrined. The penetralia is Mifuchi Jinja Shrine in Teraizumi.
Legend has it that this shrine originated when Tamuramaro Sakanoue enshrined Akakuzureyama-Shiratori-Daimyojin praying for local peace 1,200 years ago. During the reign of Masamune Date, all the deities (from 44 villages) in Nagai at that time were enshrined together here and its name was changed to “Somiya” as the guardian for the whole Nagai area.
In the solemn premise, you can still find the 9 large Japanese cedar trees which are said to be hand-planted by Kanetsugu Naoe when he came to pray and the sword also dedicated by him long time ago.
You can learn about the valuable history of Miyamura and Kuro-Jishi [black lion] Nagai by the exhibits in the treasure house in the premise such as the ogre mask designated as civic important cultural asset, large wooden plaque, and the oldest head for traditional lion dance made in 1671.
In the annual festival in September, “Kuro-Jishi” parades through the town to purify the homes of the shrine parishioners; this traditional lion dance is designated as civic intangible cultural asset and the festival is one of the biggest ones in Nagai which attracts lots of both resident and non-resident visitors.
Also, colored leaves on the premise is popular underground in autumn.
  • Name Somiya Jinja Shrine
  • Location 14-24 Yokomachi, Nagai-shi
  • Phone number 0238-88-3348
  • Access From Yamagata-Zao Interchange: 60 min by car
    From Fukushima-Izaka Interchange: 90 min by car
    From Ayame Koen Station of Flower Nagai Line: 5 min on foot
  • Parking lot 10 lots available
  • Contact information Somiya Jinja Shrine
  • URL
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