Horse chestnut of Tomizawa

Horse chestnut of Tomizawa とみさわのとちのき
Prefecture cultural assets natural monument
  • Name Horse chestnut of Tomizawa
  • Location Tomizawa, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun Doai
  • Phone number 0233-43-2111
  • Contact information Mogami-machi
  • Remarks Mogami Sanju-san Kannon 31st bill place
    The House of east good Toyama image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head precincts
    Designated Date:: * 31.9.28
    Lot number: Among 2,420-1()
    Classification of land and category: The forest
    Acreage of a plot of land: 59.5
    The age of a tree: 500 years years old
    Length around the trunk: 6.25m
    Presence of guide: No
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[Last updated] May 06, 2015
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