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Thorn Tomiyo habitat of Hanyuu district
Thorn Tomiyo is freshwater fish of the stickleback department Tomiyo genus.
The length is 4 ~ 6�, to back of nine is thorny.
We make nest with waterweed and, with laying eggs, habit to raise, inhabit only spring zone.
  • Name Thorn Tomiyo habitat of Hanyuu district
  • Location Hanyuu, Higashine-shi district Omigawa
  • Phone number 0237-42-1111
  • Contact information Higashine-shi
  • URL
  • Remarks From Hanyuu lower bridge of Hanyuu, Higashine-shi district Omigawa section to rope twist bridge
    Designated Date:: * 61.4.1
    Classification of land and category: River
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[Last updated] March 12, 2013
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