kodan no cedar

kodan no cedar おうだんのすぎ
Legendary huge tree, power spot that rises in hillock of the former precincts
[Yamagata Prefecture designation natural monument]
Aged cedar which has personality of 27m in height to rise in the former precincts of Dainichibo Temple.
Approximately 22m, Shidare produce approximately 3m, a large number of large branches, and, as for root neighborhood approximately 7.9m, the eye level trunk wall, 5.65m, the branch head suspend a lot all north, south, east and west of them, but there is thing which suspends once, and looks up more, and this kind of branch reaches 1.4m in diameter.
Prince of the Emperor Keiko, distinction prince die in this ground, and there is the name this as thing planted in Misasagi place.
In late years we attract attention as power spot.
There is kosaruto (Tsuruoka-shi designated cultural assets) where height is said to be Tohoku's best size at 3.52m, 2.15m in width near.
  • Name kodan no cedar
  • Location 11 Oami-nyudo, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-54-6301
  • Access It is seven minutes on greater omentum getting off foot by bus for Mount Yudono from JR Tsuruoka for 40 minutes
    From Gassan Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 40 min by car
    From Shonai Asahi Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 15 min by car
    (car and foot from Dainichibo Temple approximately ten minutes)
  • Parking lot Five
  • Contact information Dainichibo
  • URL http://www.dainichibou.or.jp/
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[Last updated] January 28, 2014
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