North shield Ozeki

North shield Ozeki きただておおぜき
Yamagata Prefecture first 2018 world irrigation facility inheritance registration
Agriculture waterway which Prince Manager of Karikawa lord of a castle Daigaku Kitadate assistant profit excavated after hardship in 1612 (Keicho 17). We quench rice granary Shonai plains and are becoming the foundation now. Nitta of 5,000ha was developed by completion of north shield Ozeki, and 88 villages were created.
It is in place feeling the history with very large good field including north Tachi Shinto shrine worshiping walk along Ozeki, Tateyama Park with statue of Prince Manager of profit, Prince Manager of profit as Mizukami.
  • Name North shield Ozeki
  • Phone number 0234-42-2922
  • FAX number 0234-43-6422
  • Contact information Shonai-machi Tourist Association
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[Last updated] September 05, 2018
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