kajikataki かじかたき
In spite of being waterfall with a few pitch differences said to that miller's thumb went up once, slippery flow invites cool air to the extensive basin of a waterfall beautifully.
Degree of difficulty (intermediate) Form (choku*) of waterfallForm (keiryu*) of waterfall There is Details map
Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name kajikataki (it is rudder or cooks)
  • DATA Drop: Around 5m
    Form: Direct keiryu*
    Degree of difficulty: Intermediate
    The time required: About one minute※
    ※The starting point: Than map "parking space"
  • Location Ogunikosakamachi, Oguni-machi
  • Access Yonesaka Line Isaryo Station ~ car around 60 minutes
    Yonezawa north IC ~ car around 80 minutes
    Forest road parking space ~ foot one or two minutes
  • Parking lot Nothing (parking space: on the forest road side approximately four)
  • View Point The front of waterfall left bank river bank waterfall
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood New crotch Bracken (warabi) garden
  • The nearest accommodations Oguni Hot Springs sound of boiling water in a teakettle building
  • Sightseeing time The from May to November beginning
  • Others Promenade Ltd. (the beginner's class)
  • Contact information Oguni-machi industrial development section
[Last updated] February 28, 2018
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