15 banrakumo (collection of Soto sect Kyoto mountain Kannon-ji Temple)

  • 100 colors of 100 people, trip thing are enough.
  • The Yamagata 100, Dewa Kannon
  • The 33, Shonai Kannon
  • Okitama Sanju-san Kannon
  • Mogami Sanju-san Kannon
The 15th rakumo (Soto sect Collection of Kyoto mountain Kannon-ji Temple) おとも
(the 100, Dewa Kannon)
Round of ghost stories at night (origin, history)
It is said that Onono Komachi said to be matchless beautiful woman alone of Rokkasen did open wound.

When "rakumo" came from celestial maiden legend, and Komachi came over from Kyoto to this district in the old days, celestial maiden appeared suddenly, and robe of an angel fell from break in the clouds. There was 11 Goddess of Mercy on the robe of an angel, and Komachi who felt relationship of Buddha recommended temple erection to villager. 11 Goddess of Mercy of nenjibutsu which Komachi had as the man himself Thailand cheap; did, and dedicated including robe of an angel of celestial maiden and string of beads of Shippo, and did in hallowed ground.
The wish accomplishment
Recommended point
As fruit tree cultivation is prosperous place, we can enjoy Kaju flower along the way for from May to June.

We look at Sagae Onsen, magnificent Mogami River including Mogamigawa Furusato General Park (Yamagata Expressway, Sagae SA and the adjacency) in neighborhood and can enjoy.
Principal idol
11 Goddess of Mercy
  • Name 15 banrakumo (collection of Soto sect Kyoto mountain Kannon-ji Temple) (Tomo)
  • Location 〒 991-0063 kankawakoshishibakyorakumo 2494-1
  • Phone number 0237 (86) 4308 (Kannon-ji Temple) 023(664) 5448 (absence time/Shofukuji)
  • Access From JR Sagae Station bus
    (Aterazawa line via Hirashio) rakumoshitasha, a 2-minute walk
  • Parking lot Large size parks approach to a shrine entrance on the road,
    Small size is the precinct
  • Remarks Sealed letter issued by a shogun: We open the Kannon-ji Temple precincts, the main hall of a Buddhist temple front door and seal freely
Access Map

To 15 banrakumo
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Route from the present location
※On account of label place location (mountains),
 There is case of instruction to neighborhood.
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