The sixth white fox mountain, light star temple (Soto sect)

  • 100 colors of 100 people, trip thing are enough.
  • The Yamagata 100, Dewa Kannon
  • The 33, Shonai Kannon
  • Okitama Sanju-san Kannon
  • Mogami Sanju-san Kannon
The sixth White fox mountain, light star temple (Soto sect) こうしょうじ
(the 100, Dewa Kannon)
Temple where it is one of the 33, Shonai Kannon, and many people visit pilgrim from the whole country. The house treasure bishop who remained in Mt. Haguro-san in 861 (Jogan 3) is derived by white fox, and founder is temple of the only mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism in reason, Shonai-machi when we did. There are original manners and customs called "harpoon memorial service" based on Dewa San-zan faith, and white fox mountain is called "east Mori".

Round of ghost stories at night (origin, the history)
As for the founder, megumitsuzenchidaiwanao, the open basis are master of house treasure wave biography dense nine title of a high priest.
The house treasure bishop who stayed in Mt. Haguro-san feels inspiration on seeing auspicious cloud hanging over Tohoku, and old fox of gray head Kanao appears, and it is said to be for a few days to pray when it leads Buddhist priest, and it led to this ground. The bishop erected temple for old fox.
Relief of all creatures to save thoroughly
Recommended point
Is sacred place where white fox lives in; is still cheap white fox swamp said to sit

Hallowed ground of "harpoon memorial service" that is country intangible cultural asset of Shonai district

"East harpoon" is "Mori of Uga" of light star temple.
Scenery that we can survey from mountain of "east harpoon" is superb view.

Scenery of torii standing in a row. Scenery that we made shugo of the unique gods and Buddha.

It is said that worshiper with faith may find "hair of white fox".
(good luck is said to come when we defend and maintain)

Prayer drumbeat to occasionally sound.
(as for the prayer, possible at any time reception desk)
Principal idol
11 Goddess of Mercy
  • Name The sixth white fox mountain, light star temple (Soto sect) (we occur in this way)
  • Location 〒 999-6602 Mikazawa, Shonai-machi character Nakazato 47
  • Phone number 0234 (56) 2533 (Mikazawa white fox mountain Inari great gracious god)
  • Access From JR Karikawa Station a 40-minute walk
  • Parking lot With large size, small size
    There is parking space
  • Remarks Sealed letter issued by a shogun: Light star temple
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To the sixth white fox mountain, light star temple
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