okitamamonosanjusankanonjushibansatsushookireikanon (the House of Shingon Buddhism pine Daiko Mitsuyama)

  • 100 colors of 100 people, trip thing are enough.
  • The Yamagata 100, Dewa Kannon
  • The 33, Shonai Kannon
  • Okitama Sanju-san Kannon
  • Mogami Sanju-san Kannon
Okitama Sanju-san Kannon 14th bill place okireikanon (the Shingon Buddhism Pine Mitsuyama The House of Taiko) おいためかんのん
(the 100, Dewa Kannon)
Wooden sedentary image enshrined in Kannondo that the House of Taiko 34th chief priest founded in 1743 is Goddess of Mercy "okireikanon" (we put) which is one of the Okitama Sanju-san Kannon.

Round of ghost stories at night (origin, the history)
The foundation of temple is 859. According to best disciple, the truth finished of sky Sea, it is done.

Origin of name is informed the entire temple when we put up small stupa for oifuku of the late pious people as Foshan, and, as for the place name of Okitama, there is opinion born from here.

Cow's head temple others, Amitabha hall, Jizo shrine worshiping Ten Kings of Hades temple, cow that four precincts worship ten Buddha judging crime for Temple bell and life after death of celestial maiden show grand appearance.
The wish accomplishment
Recommended point
Okitama bill place in Kawanishi-machi only in here.

Kawanishi dahlia garden (opening of the park from August 1 to November 3).

It is informed that the place name of Okitama was derived from here.
Principal idol
Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva
  • Name okitamamonosanjusankanonjushibansatsushookireikanon (the House of Shingon Buddhism pine Daiko Mitsuyama) (we put)
  • Location 〒 999-0121 2948, Kamikomatsu, Kawanishi-machi
  • Phone number 0238 (42) 2666
  • Access ・Is car than Tohoku Chuo Expressway Yonezawa center IC; approximately 30 minutes
    ・Is car than JR Yonesaka Line Uzen-Komatsu Station; approximately five minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Remarks Sealed letter issued by a shogun: The House of Taiko
  • Contact information The House of Taiko
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To 14 banokireikanon
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 There is case of instruction to neighborhood.
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