Blaze waterfall

Blaze waterfall ひのほえのたき
It comes from to be dyed like flame in setting sun. State to open into a line form, and to fail in drop of 40m does not get tired. There is kan*dai which can have a distant view in Tengendai Kogen.
Degree of difficulty (the beginner's class) Form (funki*) of waterfall There is Details map
<faith, tradition, origin>
It is origin that flame totally becomes figure flaring up when the autumn setting sun hits waterfall

Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name Blaze waterfall (hinohoenotaki)
  • DATA Drop: Approximately 40m
    Form: funki*
    Degree of difficulty: The beginner's class, the (Takishita) upper grade
    The time required: Approximately 40 minutes※
    ※The starting point: Than map "Odaira Onsen parking space"
  • Location Yonezawa-shi larger section of a village Sumomoyama
  • Access It is 50 minutes by car from Yonezawa Station
    It is a 40-minute walk from neighborhood of Odaira Onsen parking space
  • Parking lot Nothing (parking space: from Odaira Onsen for foot approximately 20 minutes around five)
  • View Point There is observation deck in Odaira Onsen depths (Takishita), Tengendai Kogen (distant view)
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood Odaira Onsen, Tengendai Kogen and Shirabu Hot Springs, Mori of Totoro
  • The nearest accommodations Odaira Onsen
  • Sightseeing time From June to the beginning of November
  • Others Mountain trails: Ltd. (Juro Fuji mountain traversing road, Mt. Azuma-san mountain trail)
  • Contact information Yonezawa City Tourism Division
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