Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfalls

Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfalls しらいとのたき
This famous waterfall is selected as one of the Best 100 Waterfalls in Japan and can be viewed from the opposite side at the roadside restaurant on Route 47. Straight flow to Takishita with red torii is superb view of Mogami River valley.
Degree of difficulty (the super beginner's class) Form (cascade) of waterfall There is parking lot More than 30m Winter season appreciation is possible There is Details map
One of 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls. There is waterfall group called Mogami 48 waterfall in Mogami-kyo Gorge that Yamaji of 300-500m above sea level forms steep slope along the Mogami River, and Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfalls at the west end is greatest in that. It was named from place where Wed which declined to Mogami River was like fine noodles.
Kusanagi Hot Springs has Fudodou under the waterfall on the opposite bank.

<Basho Matsuo> Oku no Hosomichi "Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfalls is * te ritsu in raku te, Sennin-do, bank in odd moments of green leaves. Wed minagitsute ship ayaushi."

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  • Name Shiraito-no-Taki Waterfalls (shiraitonotaki)
  • DATA Drop: 120m
    Form: Cascade
    Degree of difficulty: Super-Beginner
    The time required: It is immediate from parking lot※
    ※The starting point: From map "Shiraitonotaki drive-in parking lot"
  • Location Tozawa-mura larger section of a village Furukuchi
  • Access It is five minutes by car from JR Rikuu West Line Takaya Station
    It is 30 minutes by car from Tohoku Chuo Expressway Shinjyo IC
    It is immediate from parking lot
  • Parking lot Available Ten trailer buses, car 120
  • View Point Under Shiraitonotaki drive-in, the embarkation of Mogami barge descent
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood It is seen the sights of bundle Korai-kan, Mogami River, Mogami-kyo Gorge, Mogami 48 waterfall, Mogami barge descent as the ground related to Basho. Genso-no-Mori (forest)
  • The nearest accommodations One inn
  • Sightseeing time Whole year
  • Contact information Shiraitonotaki drive-in
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