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Three waterfalls みつたき
Generic name of one waterfall, two waterfalls, three waterfalls. Mossed space among three waterfalls be wrapped up in anion, and there is holy atmosphere.
Degree of difficulty (the upper grade! Attention) Form (cascade) of waterfallForm (funki*) of waterfall More than 30m There is Details map
<faith, tradition, origin>
Three waterfall Fudo-son is God of sericulture. Place of semmi. There is Tengu rock said to that Tengu took sumo.

Three generic names of waterfall to depend on wild Togawa.
We enter rough grindstone district in Route 348 and go to forest road according to signboard of three waterfalls.
Forest road is desolate, and run of car is impossible. There is collapse, and mountain trail is forced to going back of swamp.
Firmness sacred image is enshrined between two waterfalls and three waterfalls. In average year, three waterfall Fudo-son festivals are held in the end of May.

Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name Three waterfalls (we see, and ivy comes)
  • DATA Drop: One waterfall 15m, two waterfall 15m, three waterfall 30m
    Form: (one) funki* (two) funki* (three) cascade
    Degree of difficulty: Advanced
    The time required: Approximately 45 minutes※
    ※The starting point: From map "forest road entrance"
  • Location Juo, Shirataka-machi, Nishiokitama-gun district (kenjiheifukin)
  • Access It is 60 minutes by car from Yamagata, Kaminoyama IC
    A 45-minute walk from forest road entrance ~
  • Parking lot Nothing (parking space: along 348 near forest road entrance approximately ten)
  • View Point Takishita
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood Takano hot water hot spring, skiing area, Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) managed by Shirataka-machi
  • The nearest accommodations Palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle, scoter hot spring, TASS Park Hotel
  • Sightseeing time From May to October
  • Others ※Danger that there are three waterfall Promenade (couple rock ~ three waterfall) undevelopment and collapse
  • Contact information Shirataka-cho Industrial Promotion Section
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