Firmness waterfall

Firmness waterfall ふどうたき
Walk way maintained from Zao dokko marsh lengthens, and it is well three, and force of a current shows appearance that is quiet in the days of colored leaves in season of dark green.
Degree of difficulty (the beginner's class) Form (funki*) of waterfall There is parking lot There is Details map
Firmness Takifudo
  When soldier of Yoshiie Minamotono marched in old days to near this waterfall, it is said that it was thunder roar, violent storm suddenly.
 After person of justice picking up protection French Fudo-son from under armor, and enshrining before waterfall, and continuing praying earnestly, rainstorm fitted in a moment then.
 So it is said that we enshrine Fudo-son here and named firmness waterfall. Kaneyori Shiba knew it, and kansei did miracle new kana firmness Takifudo in Yamagata Castle.
 It is said that we move to hocho (Miyamachi 1) more in coming ages and worshiped.
 From the Keitaro Yokokawa "Japanese larch Kannon and outskirts"

Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name Firmness waterfall (fudotaki)
  • DATA Drop: 15m
    Form: funki*
    Degree of difficulty: Beginner
    The time required: Approximately 40 minutes※
    ※The starting point: From map "Zao center ropeway Torikabuto station"
  • Location Kamihozawa, Yamagata-shi grounds
  • Access From Yamagata Station route bus (Zao Hot Springs line)
    Than Yamagata Expressway Yamagata zao IC 40 minutes
    It is a 30-minute walk from 40-minute walk, dokko marsh from Zao center ropeway Torikabuto station
  • Parking lot Available
    Zao hot-spring resort Zao center ropeway hot spring Station, dokko marsh
  • View Point Takishita, walk road
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood Zao Hot Springs, dokko marsh, Zao Okama
  • The nearest accommodations Zao hot-spring resort
  • Sightseeing time The mid-May and early November
  • Remarks There is Zao center plateau walk road firmness waterfall Courses (the beginner's class)
  • Others We had Fudo-son which failed in treasure swamp irrigation association made newly and performed Annual Festival with local inhabitants on October 2, 28.
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