1,000 large waterfalls

1,000 large waterfalls せんだたき
We drift to the west deepest part of colored leaves river valley. We can enjoy change of vanity when from upper reaches part of valley, stairs way, suspension bridge, the opposite bank along waterfall.
Degree of difficulty (the beginner's class) Form (katsu*) of waterfall There is Details map
Best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan
  • Name 1,000 large waterfalls (sendataki)
  • DATA Drop: 10m
    Form: katsu*
    Degree of difficulty: Beginner
    The time required: Approximately 15 minutes※
    ※The starting point: From map "lower colored leaves river valley Courses entrance"
  • Location Yamagata-shi larger section of a village Risshaku-ji Temple typeface Hakusan grounds
  • Access From Yamagata Expressway Yamagata north IC 50 minutes
    On foot from JR Senzan Line Omoshiroyama-Kogen Station (from 1,000 large waterfall neighborhood Valley entrance a 15-minute walk)
  • Parking lot No
    (parking space: the neighborhood of in front of Omoshiroyama-Kogen Station Fujihana mountain cottage and neighborhood of 1,000 large waterfalls valley entrance)
  • View Point We can expect from colored leaves river Valley walk road
  • Sightseeing of neighborhood kosumosuberugu, Risshaku-ji Temple
  • The nearest accommodations Fujihana mountain cottage
  • Contact information Sightseeing in Yamagata-shi strategy section
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[Last updated] August 27, 2018
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