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Sakata Yanagikoji stand village Bystreet in front of the north さかたやなぎこうじやたいむら きたまえよこちょう
Surely it will seem fine tomorrow.
Come, and come; bystreet in front of the north.
It is stand village to send the local meal and food culture, history and charm to widely.
Among 10 stands, anyone has challenge stand fitting "daily storekeeper".

Store guidance
1. comfort (KAGURA)
2.Pork fried on a skewer second cup (much) 
3.chukakuriyaboko ~ Kou 
4.sakata stand BAL "Don-be!59"
5.Bar marumon
6.mentoko gently
8.Challenge stand "north previous bystreet 8"
9.Spit-roasted chestnut
10.To char-grilling cafe & Baru charcoal of island

For business hours, please confirm about closed day, phone number from the following homepage
  • Name Bystreet in front of the Sakata Yanagikoji stand village north
  • Location 2-6-1, Nakamachi, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-21-8377
  • FAX number 0234-21-8378
  • Access From Sakata Station a 20-minute walk
  • Contact information Bystreet stand village Administration meeting (Sanno kurabu) in front of the Sakata north
  • URL
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