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The unrefined hemp Kura gate あおそぐらもん
There was Miyamura unrefined hemp Kura to the east of Miyamura building (a certain place between current small cherry tree), and it is only the unrefined hemp Kura gate now to remain.
With "unrefined hemp," it was cultivated as fiber of clothes which were called "insect" with maximum product of Yonezawa feudal clan with lacquer. After it was collected cargo, unrefined hemp of Nishiokitama was carried to unrefined hemp Kura of Yonezawa, and it was sent to the upper part as raw materials of *ryosarashi (expose) from there in 1663 (Kanbun 3) that unrefined hemp Kura was built. Nakaisazawa and white rabbit had good quality in chief producing center in Nagai, too, and there seemed to be much amount of production, too. This unrefined hemp Kura finished the duty with the abolition of feudal clan in 1871 (Meiji 4).
  • Name The unrefined hemp Kura gate
  • Location 4-21-12, Omachi, Nagai-shi
  • Phone number 0238-88-1831
  • FAX number 0238-88-1812
  • Access Than Yamagata Railroad Flower Nagai Line Nagai Station a 5-minute walk (700m)
  • Contact information Yamagata Nagai Tourism Office
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