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Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area “Ringo-no-Mori”
From December 1 until March 31
It is the closing time at 17:00.
(restroom is always available for 24 hours)
It features the red roof inspired by apple, local specialty product, and a regular-octagon-shaped building.
With a bird’s-eye view, the main building looks like an apple, and the restroom building next to it has a shape of a leaf.

There are sales of agricultural produce and processed products, coffee shop, and tourist information desk on the first floor.
The second floor is utilized as a gallery.

One of the highlights is the restroom.
We added a touch of a premium feel by employing calmer interior design than common Roadside Rest Area.
Also, we pay attention to keep it clean and beautiful.
Lighting at washing stands of women’s restroom is devised accordingly.

We make efforts to acquire customers’ preference among Roadside Rest Areas not only by the ample choice of produce at farmer’s market, but also by the comfort of the restroom.
  • Name Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area “Ringo-no-Mori”
  • Location 2724 Wago, Asahi-machi, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata [on Route 287]
  • Phone number 0237-85-0623
  • Business Hours 9:00~18:00 (by 17:00 during winter season) 
     Coffee Shop (10:00~15:30)
     Tourist Information Desk (10:00~15:00)

    Apple Marche (10:00~15:00)
  • Closed The first three days of the new year
  • Parking lot 80 free lots (including 5 lots for large vehicle)
  • URL
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