Jurizuka beach

Jurizuka beach じゅうりづかかいすいよくじょう
Shoreline which lengthened straight and white sandy beach which opens
It is located in the south side of Nishihama beach, and the shallow for a good distance from the shore sea and white sandy beach open in shoreline which lengthened straight. In late years restroom shower ridge was maintained, and convenience increased more and more. (Jurizuka district Administration)
  • Name Jurizuka beach
  • Location 〒 999-8431 Jurizuka, Sugasato, Yuza-machi, Akumi-gun, Yamagata
  • Phone number 0234-75-3628
  • Business Hours From 8:30 to 17:00
  • Access ■ It is eight minutes by car from JR Uetsu Main Line Yuza Station
    ■ From all car Yamagata Expressway Sakata and IC
          It is 18 minutes to the Route 7 Akita area
    ■ Bus town management bus Jurizuka Line, Jurizuka second getting off,
          A 5-minute walk
  • Parking lot Approximately 70 ※Pay
  • Contact information Jurizuka, Yuza-machi village (only as for the period)
  • Remarks ■ Restroom: Available
    ■ Shower: Available
    ■ Locker room: Available
    ■ Relief place: Available
    ■ Watchman: Available
    ■ Seaside cottage: Available
    ■ Area rope: Available
    ■ Float: Possible
    ■ Surfing: No
    ■ Bodyboarding: No
    ■ Jet ski bike: Impossibility
    ■ Entry of cars: Impossibility
    ■ Entry of sand buggy: Impossibility
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[Last updated] June 24, 2015
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