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Asahi-machi Eco museum Meeting of guide あさひまちえこみゅーじあむ あんないにんのかい
Town becomes museum entirely, and all the inhabitants become curator
 In meeting of Asahi-machi Eco museum guide, townsman becomes curator and guides based on their experience and knowledge about history and culture, nature of Asahi-machi.
In addition, we have you ask inhabitants curators and explain Details.

 If you like, apply for eco-museum room by one week.

・It is 2,000 yen until one hour
・It is 4,000 yen until three hours
・It is 6,000 yen until six hours

※Even individual is rate same in group.
※When we go around plural ka place, I would like ride of guide.

  • Name Meeting of Asahi-machi Eco museum guide
  • Location 〒 990-1442 2265, Miyajuku, Asahicho
  • Phone number 0237-67-2128
  • FAX number 0237-67-2128
  • Contact information Association of NPO Asahi-machi Eco museum
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[Last updated] August 01, 2017
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