Tanada (Ippommatsu Park) of sawarahei

Tanada (Ippommatsu Park) of sawarahei くぬぎだいらのたなだ(いっぽんまつこうえん)
We were authorized in 1999 by "Japanese Tanada 100 selections" of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Parking lot is equipped with restroom in "Ippommatsu Park" which Tanada can overlook.

When you come, please advance according to sign from Route 287.

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Very large Tanada of 14ha (208 pieces) opens on gentle slope that spread out into a fan form.
From Ippommatsu Park with Lilium rubellum garden, we can overlook Tanada who harmonized with the neighboring mountains and villages well.
"Dark (we hang stake) of stake" forms a line regularly in autumn, and the scenery lets you feel Hara scenery of Japan.
  • Name Tanada (Ippommatsu Park) of sawarahei
  • Phone number 0237-67-2114
  • FAX number 0237-67-2117
  • Access Is car than Yamagata Expressway Sagae IC; 25 minutes
  • Contact information Asahi-machi agriculture and forestry promotion section
  • Remarks Tanada map (Asahi-machi formula HP) of sawarahei  

    [work plan]
    Middle of May water container start
       End rice-transplanting start

    Stake stand in the beginning of September
       End harvest

    Of beginning of October rice hang, and turn over
        Middle threshing
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