Ten kalpa mountain Shogakujis

Ten kalpa mountains Shogakuji じっこうさん しょうかくじ
The 13, Shonai Buddha hallowed ground tenth
As for the foundation, hohomareseno is founder in (1608) in 1608. The concentration of mind product and Ten Kings of Hades Great Teacher image to come are said to be another name "seikakuji*madaio" to treasure of a temple and become a target of faith. It is one of the characteristics of shrines and temples sculpture of Akita and Yamagata Prefecture two sumo wrestler statues are incised on the main hall to pray of the main hall of a Buddhist temple front, and to support heavy roof.
Denomination      : The Jodo sect of Buddhism
13 Buddha     : Amitabha
Judge (reading) :Five worlds where people go according to their karma King Chakravarti (godotenrino)
Trial Sun     : Three times mourning (third year, two years later)
Mikage      : Guardian deity Amitabha (learned and virtuous priest bank group product) born in the Year of the Dog, the Year of the Boar
Benefit    : Life extension longevity, respect and affection.
  • Name Ten kalpa mountain Shogakujis
  • Location 33-46, Toriimachi, Tsuruoka-shi
  • Phone number 0235-22-4150
  • Access It is car six minutes from Tsuruoka Station
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