Blue original temple

Blue original temple せいげんじ
The 13, Shonai Buddha hallowed ground eighth
Mitsuyasu Shimura that there were meritorious services in war by Hasedo battle in vassals of Yamagata feudal lord Yoshiaki Mogami, and it was the Sakata (Kamegasaki) lord of a castle later invited priest peak rock bookmaking eagle from Seigenji (Hasedo, Yamagata-shi) that was family temple in the Hasedo lord of a castle times and erected. There are grave and dragon King temple of Mitsuyasu Shimura and back room on the main hall of a Buddhist temple back.
Denomination      : Soto sect
13 Buddha    : The Goddess of Mercy
Judge (reading): King Taira (we chase equality)
Trial Sun    : 100 days (100th day, 99 days later)
The twelve signs of the zodiac    : Child
  • Name Blue original temple
  • Location 4-1-23, Kamegasaki, Sakata-shi, Yamagata
  • Phone number 0234-24-2024
  • Access It is car eight minutes from Sakata Station
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[Last updated] November 07, 2016
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