Mt. Sakata ryuiwaji さかたさん りゅうごんじ
The 13, Shonai Buddha hallowed ground third
It is called Teramachi at the center of Sakata, and this neighborhood shows bustle from old days. It was to the south of Mogami River, the west of Iimoriyama in old days. This is because it was prayer place of Kamegasaki (Sakata) joshushimuraimameshu that there were the rebuilding, oblation from the Honmas and the feudal lord Sakais though it moves to the present location in 1601 (Keicho 6), and it is destroyed by fire by fire several times.
Denomination      : The Shingon Buddhism intellect mountain group
13 Buddha    : Bodhisattva of Wisdom
Judge (reading): Soong emperor (we chase the binding)
Trial Sun    : 37 days (21st day, 20 days later)
The twelve signs of the zodiac    : u
Mikage      : Guardian deity Bodhisattva of Wisdom born in the Year of the Rabbit
Benefit    : Prayer, the study accomplishment, wisdom that we pass.
  • Name shudensanryuiwaji
  • Location 4-50, Chuohigashimachi, Sakata-shi
  • Phone number 0234-22-8044
  • Access It is car 12 minutes from Sakata Station
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