Takitaro building

Takitaro building たきたろうかん
Village of fantastic huge fish "Takitaro (big fish)" living in lake "Otori-ike Pond" in mysterious mountain
Station of Asahi Peaks mountain climbing, mountain stream fishing
It is informed that fantastic huge fish Takitaro (big fish) lives in the foot of Asahi Peaks, Mt. Ito-dake, mysterious lake, Otori-ike Pond. There is "Takitaro (big fish) building" in place hearing the murmuring of mountain stream among the mountains. We post mountain climbing information of document display and Asahi Peaks to introduce legendary huge fish "Takitaro (big fish)" to.

◆Facility summary dining room, cafe, fishing pond, automatic Campsite, open space

It is rural beauty perfect score we grill fish which we caught by oneself, and to eat. Char grilled with salt is exquisite.
"Coffee" and mothers drinking with mountain stream as BGM of Arabian bird made and are distinguished for "tochiarare" haoishiisa!

・Local "wild plants" or "Nameko, maitake" sell mushrooms in spring in autumn. (shipment is possible, too.) (Reservation required)
※In the case of the use, I would like reservation over telephone in group.

[with legendary huge fish "Takitaro (big fish)"?]
This monstrous fish which is known to have habitation in Otori-ike Pond a lot is size of 1 length from length 7 shaku. Mouth resembles rabbit in split lip, and point of lower jaw lengthens for a long time and cuts into point of upper jaw, and there are various legends, but is done with fish of another kind that is not scientifically known fish.

◆"We put up char kanshin" and are selling Takitaro (big fish) building-limited!
Of great popularity that sold on a qualified scale by Takitaro (big fish) Festival "raise by char kanshin". We want to eat again by all means! We perform selling by subscription in response to voice of this. Please appreciate.
 ★ With two 1 pack 500 yen (tax-included)
 ★ Order, please be reserved until three days ago.
  • Name Takitaro building
  • Location Otori, Tsuruoka-shi character Takaoka 55-8
  • Phone number 0235-55-2452
  • Business Hours From 9:00 a.m. to 18:00
  • Closed Every Monday (we close from December through April)
  • Admission Facility no charge for admission
    Fishing pond: 1 pole 550 yen (fishing gear, bait are preparations-free.)
  • Access Car: From Tsuruoka Station from 70 minutes, Yamagata Expressway Shonai ASAHI IC 40 minutes
    [Bus] It is a 1-minute walk from starting point of a mountain climb getting off for Arabian bird from Tsuruoka Station
  • Parking lot Available (50)
  • Contact information Takitaro building
  • URL http://www.tsuruokakanko.com/cate/p0139.html
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