Yamagata Prefecture old prefectural assembly assembly hall

Yamagata Prefecture old prefectural assembly assembly hall やまがたけんきゅうけんぎかいぎじどう
Yamagata Prefecture as of 1876 (Meiji 9) was established, and prefectural assembly assembly hall was built prefectural office building in 1883 (Meiji 16) in 1877 (Meiji 10), the following day by first prefectural government order Michitsune Mishima.
However, it is destroyed by fire with both ridges by Yamagata big fire of May in 1911 (Meiji 44), and revival in the ground is planned promptly, and it is current building that was completed in Jun to building in Apr in start, 1916 (Taisho 5) in 1913 (Taisho 2).
Prefectural assembly assembly hall built with Yamagata Prefecture Government building is tied up to prefectural office building at roofed passage connecting buildings. When there is assembly in 35 people, the number of foundation original members of the Diet sets desk and chair of member of the Diet, and meeting is performed, of assembly when there was not, was loaned out by concert or exhibition, and did and was used as various Events halls.
Reconstruction construction is carried out with prefectural office building in 1986 (7, Heisei), and it is cultural assets conveying figure at the time in now.
  • Name Yamagata Prefecture old prefectural assembly assembly hall
  • Location 3-4-51, Hatagomachi, Yamagata-shi
  • Phone number 023-635-5500
  • Contact information Yamagata Prefecture native district hall sentence runs; hall
  • URL http://www.gakushubunka.jp/bunsyokan/
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