Isabella bird and Kawanishi-machi

Isabella bird and Kawanishi-machi いざべらばーどとかわにしまち
British trip writer who named Okitama "Oriental Arcadia"
 isabera L (Lucy), bird is trip to British writer who went round all parts of the world from the late 19th century through the end of 19th century.
 Bird lives in the times when "freedom" of woman was limited from now and is woman who left for the large world for "freedom".
 (1878) takes a trip to Yokohama ~ Hokkaido and Kansai from May through December in 1878 and publishes "Japanese interior travelogue" which recorded it. Person of Japanese translation is Kenkichi Takanashi (Keio University's emeritus professor) born in Komatsumachi (present Komatsu, Kawanishi-machi) of Yamagata Prefecture Okitama district.

 In book, there is description of "Oriental Arcadia".

 After going down Suwatoge of Echigo way 13 mountain pass from July 11, 1878 through 13th, and having stayed in Kawanishicho, we liked at all "plains of Yonezawa" including town of Komatsu (in Okitama basin) and expressed as follows.

 "Town of Yonezawa prospering to the south has plains of Yonezawa, and there is Akayu of spa which people often visit to the north and is the Garden of Eden at all. Is Daichi who make fertility (fertility) (almost), and smiles (smile), and is Oriental Arcadia; "prosper, and become independent, and all of the rich earth belong to people plowing it, and is let loose by oppression. This is scene deserving attention in Asia under autocratic government, "fascinating area filled with beauty, hard work, comfort" "farm village which is rich even if look around where, and is beautiful"--.
  • Name Isabella bird and Kawanishi-machi
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