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Kashiwagi great gracious god かしわぎだいみょうじん
We look at Mount Yudono, kohoshinsha (fall we see and may be screw), mountain Tsu in the Shinto shrine north side of the Kumano Shrine precincts and are erected along with several engines other than monument of Shinto shrine (yamazumijinja). Letter is hard to read by weathering, but is sculptd with Kashiwagi great gracious god (kashiwagidaimyojin) in the front, and read erection with Meiji 5 jinsaru (Elatostema umbellatum var.majus (mizu) obtain, and leave) year; tori kotogadekiru. It seems that we prayed for peace and security and staple grains abundant harvest (body fertility) of villager of Kashiwagimura in those days.
  • Name Kashiwagi great gracious god
  • Location Takahata-machi larger section of a village Ipponyanagi Kashiwagime
  • Phone number 0238-52-0069
  • FAX number 0238-52-0069
  • Contact information Yashiro district public hall
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