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Cherry tree of baby sitting temple こもりどうのさくら
[Designated Prefectural Natural Monument] Edo-higan Cherry blossoms of 1,020 years years old
It is in a part of Ayugai castle, and story of little girl (in fact, incarnation of Buddha) of vulgar appearance that disappeared suddenly is informed by "baby sitting temple" of under a tree this ground after having brought up child of the sickly lord of a castle safely.
  • Name Cherry tree of baby sitting temple
  • Location 3434, Ayukai, Shirataka-machi
  • Phone number 0238-86-0086
  • FAX number 0238-86-0087
  • Access It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from Flower Nagai Line Shikinosato Station and is approximately 3 minutes by car
    From Tohoku Chuo Expressway Fukushima JCT approximately two hours
  • Contact information Shirataki-machi Tourist Association
  • URL
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[Last updated] March 25, 2018
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