Yakushi zakura

Yakushi zakura やくしざくら
[Designated Prefectural Natural Monument] Edo-higan Cherry blossoms of 1,200 years years old
It is in boundary of temple dedicated to the Physician of Souls and keeps dignified personality. It is informed that we plant, and Tamuramaro Sakanoueno performed way at the time of the Oshu conquest.
  • Name Yakushi zakura
  • Location Takadama, Shirataka-machi
  • Phone number 0238-86-0086
  • Access From Flower Nagai Line Koguwa Station approximately two .km
    From Tohoku Chuo Expressway Fukushima JCT approximately two hours
  • Parking lot Please use parking lot of Kama-no-Etsu farm village Park
    80 lots for ordinary vehicle
    5 lots for large vehicle
  • Contact information Shirataki-machi Tourist Association
  • URL http://kanko-shirataka.jp/
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[Last updated] March 25, 2018
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