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Monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Mr. Hirosuke ひろすけせんせいのかひ
As for the monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Mr. Kosuke Hamada, it is erected four places in Honcho.
On May 25, 1964, it is monument of "mukudori" to pigeon peak Heights
In March, 1965, it is monument of "stone of the roadside" to Yashiro Elementary School
In October, 1972, it is monument of "recollection" in front of government office
On May 25, 1975, "express village" to the fortune temple precincts; no monument
But, it is erected each, and work of Mr. Kosuke Hamada which is the epoch-making first person of child literary world is full of love and good will and sinks into soul of child deeply and gives dream that is rich in heart. In addition, he/she lets wild flower of homesickness bloom in child's mind of we adult.
  • Name Monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Mr. Hirosuke
  • Location 30, Fukanuma, Takabatakemachi (Yashiro Elementary School)
  • Phone number 0238-52-0069
  • FAX number 0238-52-0069
  • Contact information Yashiro district public hall
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