kumasakasosuikorehi くまさかそすいのひ
In the place of Fukanuma character Kumasaka, irrigation water was full of drinking water among four laps of rice fields though we drifted, and it was poor, and Shimizu was not got though we dug well. Burakumin feels the need of channeling from inconvenience and trouble and raises construction for source Wed to the south of Yashiro river dike in August, 1899. As for the water supply, depth makes more than 2m, distance total cost of construction 600 yen more than 1200m in bobbin of log of straight pine and finishes big difficulty construction. Channeling was given benefit for many years, but we receive the back of Yashiro river flood of 1911, and the bottom of a river extremely decreases after the cutting construction completion of Yashiro river Yasaka Hashimoto style in 2 in the Taisho era. We dried up in the summer and became suspension of water supply and, in October, 1919, started construction again and buried source Wed to extension new establishment bobbin. We increase before completion, channeling in cold wind rain snow at last in the end of November, the same year, and it is rich in quantity of water, and Wed room is good, and it is burakumin happiness in the truth. We erect monument in order to tell descendant in the Kumasaka guardian deity of children precincts in November, 1899.
  • Name kumasakasosuikorehi
  • Location kohatakechodaijishinnumasao
  • Phone number 0238-52-0069
  • FAX number 0238-52-0069
  • Contact information Yashiro district public hall
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