hoyasuko ほうあんこ
There was moat to town road (Fukanuma Funabashi Line) in the Yashiro Elementary School school grounds south side, and a lot of river fish and submarine lives floated in fruit of hishi. We set of the central clean ground at the south end of the school grounds and did height of Sat of number shaku, and goshinkagehoyasuko (goshineihoanko) was built in 1917 by (1917), and we corrected collar as child heartily, and at first sum zuku always decided in school attendance first dear with feelings of veneration. There is not record what was put how many years you were transferred at the time by current ground (elementary school north side pear orchard).
  • Name hoyasuko
  • Location kohatakechodaijishinnumashinko
  • Phone number 0238-52-0069
  • FAX number 0238-52-0069
  • Contact information Yashiro district public hall
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