Bamboo dam

Bamboo dam たけぜき
According to the successive legend of dam head (we know cough being), this water was excavated before the Edo era, and is not apparent to the generation. Takegami area was located in the southern part of Oyachi zone and was done Hirakida early. Dam stops at sumo rings as water intake method from Yashiro river in dry season and harvests naturally. To concrete pipe, we assumed sluice corner last joke and we crossed Yashiro river and rebuilt gutter pipe as supplementary work by 1935 Yashiro river repair in concrete dam. *gaimenseki is 40.4ha, and area of this water is dotted with orchards between the Yashiro river right bank of Takemori and Oyachi zone. *gaiki is until September 5 than April 15 and land preparation (margin) in particular comes and because we cause lack of water, we supply from Birusawa reservoir and drain hi*gaiki into ki for waterway maintenance and trivial routine duties Wed of village, fire prevention water in small quantities.
  • Name Bamboo dam
  • Location Takahata-machi larger section of a village Takemori Takegami
  • Phone number 0238-52-0069
  • FAX number 0238-52-0069
  • Contact information Yashiro district public hall
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