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sho*ji しょうらくじ
Fusuma picture of wonderful crane of tsuruho
abutsuruho born in Sanbongi, Mikawa-machi late in the Edo era learned Buddhist painting from chief priest, megumikyo of sho*ji. We appeared in Kyoto and we learned from bank group where fame was high-pitched in those days and worked hard at study afterwards. The talent was recognized, and title of Buddhism was permitted.
Fusuma picture of this crane was masterpiece of tsuruho and, for repayment of kindness to sho*jijushokumegumikyo which was teacher, was done oblation on 33 anniversaries of death of megumikyo in 1861.
  • Name sho*ji
  • Location Yokoyama, Mikawa-machi, Higashitagawa-gun Yokoyama 185
  • Phone number 0235-66-4656
  • Access From Tsuruoka Station bus 20 minutes
  • Contact information Mikawa-machi Tourist Association
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