Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Tozawa-mura

Mogami-kyo Gorge (colored leaves)

Colored leaves to see from ship of "Mogami barge descent" can thoroughly enjoy scenery that gangs were different in again.


Raft descent

Make "raft" with oneself, Mogami lower part of a river risurukogadekimasu. Child.


Mogami barge descent to be exposed to the setting sun

We enjoyed ship descent with the mountains of Mogami-kyo Gorge stained with the setting sun, surface of a river to glitter and were.


Togawa Shrine (Sennin-do)

In retainers of occasion when it was in the Mogami-kyo Gorge right bank, and Yoshitsune Minamoto escaped to Oshu alive approximately 600 years ago.


Waterfall of kiyome

<faith, tradition, origin> Mt. Gassan faith mountaineering ascetic cleanses the body; and is up tsu .. in Dewa San-zan


Three no waterfalls

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