Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Tozawa-mura

Tozawa farmer's dance city

Agriculture of Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata that is fresh, and is cheap, and is active under the theme of security.


Raft descent

Let's become master of river in magnificent flow of Mogami River In oneself "cuttlefish.


Mogami-kyo Gorge (colored leaves)

Colored leaves to see from ship of "Mogami barge descent" thoroughly enjoy scenery that gangs were different in again.


Teuchi soba experience

We can eat the cause of instruction of making soba craftsman, delicious soba (Sun)


Ship descent and trekking

From Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station from Mogami-kyo Gorge hometown village of the 5km down stream Togawa Sennin-do.


Soba Making Experience (three Court Security Office sides)

You challenge making soba, and please have soba having just finished beating Door.


Osugi of Kadokawa

Yamagata where huge tree of big cedar is amazing size than cedar of the circumference.


Tozawa-mura youth center

At time of full bloom that cherry tree surrounds around exercise facility in walk Courses.


Mogami-kyo Gorge hometown village

.. only by Mogami River such as ship descent, making soba, barbecue, wild plants collecting

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