Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (history of Yamagata) of Sagae-shi

Jionji, Motoyama

According to the history of nation trace-designated famous temple with a venerable history temple biography, it is Nara era, Buddhist priest bank group gako .. of tours of the country tin


Hirashio Kumano Shrine

Enshrined deity 4 God of i**sommei, comb going field life, life of sokugyokudan, life of jikaidan.


Long sense temple (the Nagaoka Kannon) 

The Mogami Sanju-san Kannon 16th bill director sense temple is in Sagae Castle ruins outermost outworks place.


[prefecture-designated tangible cultural property] Sagae-shi native district hall

County where it was built ahead of the whole country when the township formation method was promulgated in 1878.


Sagae Hachiman shrine

We are worshiped as total local deity of Sagae-so. Of Tsurugaoka, Kamakura Hachiman shrine.

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