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Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

As for the Risshaku-ji Temple mainly on Hojusan Risshaku Temple, Jikaku Daishi is (860).. in 860


The Sasakis

It was set in business magnates on behalf of lower Nagai as Honjin of person of Uesugi.



Is counted among one of nichihonsankokujinoson; big straw sandals.


Arakawa's Former House

It is revealed that it was built before (1923) in historic building 1923.


Palace street

When Uesugi comes to rule Yonezawa feudal clan, annex for sightseeing of feudal clan is based.


Gosho-jinja Shrine

Enshrined deity is Dainichi soul command, god of night, Mon echo life,-based Emperor's name life, the other god of thunder. 10..


Former feather positive bank

Stone Western-style building which was built in 1934. It is the second floor on both sides of the entrance.



It is founded nichidojojin in 1910.


The Kuwajima Memorial (old Kuwajima ophthalmology Clinic)

Thu which was built in western-style building 1927 (Showa 2) of initial construction of the Showa era.


The Kuwajimas house

Historic building wooden construction 2 stories, the second floor mother appearance of a house containing, the entrance hip roof, the first-floor back gabled roof.


Piece shop

Historic visiting buildings wooden construction 2 stories, roof facing the main street are characteristic.


Gyokurin-ji Temple

On the ground this in 1504 in (1504) ei*wanao of Kaizo-ji Temple of Kanagawa.


Koshio Shrine

According to the enshrining together monument erected in 1923, it is Kawarazawa in 1911.


Dr. old Koike's office

Early stage of building 1931 when octagonal tower and timba style are symbolic of the Showa era.


Old Yoshida store

Historic building architecture age is the Meiji period. Become toy, rental bookstore after the war, ..


Former Marunaka side relation store Kura group

The early days with historic building country registration tangible cultural property in the building year from the late Tokugawa period of the Showa era. The past.


Shrine ship landing place trace

To the port town "long birthplace Edo era, Kyoto and Osaka, Edo era of" mountain is important.


The remains of shrine

Many earthenware vessels, kodaiiraka, house trace were excavated in 1952. .


Kanjindai lion dance

Kanjindai lion dance is intangible folk culture of city like lion dance of 3 other districts.


Isazawa Shinto shrine

It has been handed down as we were founded in the Daido Era year by (806). Kamiisazawa Yahata.

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