Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (the history of Yamagata)

Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

 As for the Risshaku-ji Temple mainly on Hojusan Risshaku Temple, Jikaku Daishi is (860)1.. in 860


Uesugi Jinja Shrine

This shrine was reared with Kenshin and Yozan Uesugi enshrined on the ruin of Honmaru of Yoneza Castle in 1876. .


Yonezawa Castle Ruins (Matsugasaki Park)

It is said that this castle was built in 1238 by Tokihiro Nagai and named Matsugasaki Castle. .


Uesugi Kinenkan [memorial]

It is also former residence of Earl of Uesugi and was used as community center since 1950. Now.


Yamagata Castle Ruins (Kajo Park)

Kajo Park of city area is located in the center, and almost have area of approximately 35.9ha.


Kaminoyama Castle

Kaminoyama-jo Castle used to be praised as “Renowned Castle of Dewa.” Probably because we are demolished by command of the shogunate.


Kameoka Monju-do

Monju Kameoka with Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect of side door of Tango (Kyoto), Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect of Abe of Yamato (Nara).


Uesugi-ke Byosho [Mausoleum of Uesugi Family]

Joss house shops to 11 daihanshu*tei stand, and, led by Prince person of Uesugi ancestors of a family Kenshin Uesugi, they form a line.


Matsugasaki Shrine

Yozan Uesugi worshiped with Kenshin Uesugi in Uesugi Shrine in 1902 is pine cape.


Maria Kannon

Treasured Buddhist statue of Ryuusen temple. Have been believed as Kannon of easy childbirthing once, but, in fact, is komori.


Bird hat mountain Hachiman shrine

Guardian deity of industrial development. The god of marriage.


Chestnut river Inari Shrine

Enshrine storehouse flash of lightning life, annual festival April 23. Innumerable red toriis forming a line on approach to a shrine are famous. .


Machiya Nanukamachi palace dam of Wed

One of the agricultural “Five Yamagata Canals” that flow through the network to downtown.


(National Treasure) Hagurosan Goju-no-To

There is in Mt. Haguro-san approach to a shrine, Suginami Thu of one slope foot, is oldest in Tohoku north district.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

Sankyo Soko [warehouse]

Sankyo Soko as symbol of fertile rice-growing area Shonai Be built in (1893) in 1893.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Akutsu Hachiman Shrine

 As for the Akutsu Hachiman Shrine, 860 (Jogan 2), Jikaku Daishi is powerful family, Akutsu.


Somiya Jinja Shrine

This shrine is located opposite to Nagai Ayame Park. Enshrined deity is Yamato Takeru life, oneself great.


Uesugi culture area

Even if sightseeing of Yonezawa is called anything; from worship of Uesugi Shrine. It is Uesugi in the outskirts.


Person of Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office

Mansions such as central room having approximately 1,200m2, gate of a tenement house style beginning attachment shop, storehouse.

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