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Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

As for the Risshaku-ji Temple mainly on Hojusan Risshaku Temple, Jikaku Daishi is (860).. in 860


Kumano Shrine

We enshrine **koredammei, and there is monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Mokichi Saito near.


Haramachi Street

In Haramachi, Naotsugu Sakai of Aterazawa feudal lord maintains small Shitsukawa Castle at the beginning of the Edo era.


Utamaru Shrine

From 712 (712), Usa Hachiman shrine divided divine spirit. Sunday first as for the annual festival in September.


Kami-no-Hata Kannon

Upper Nobata who was yoko of traffic in old days of the Heian period is the incurrent pivot of Buddhism culture.


Rokusawa Kannon

Lacquer block horse here is thing by oblation of Nobe swamp Totomi Akira Morimitsu and is appointed city.


High Terayama Shoko-ji Temple

The Shonai etiquette place Sanju-san Kannon hallowed ground 30th Sealed letter issued by a shogun place: Shoko-ji Temple Denomination: .

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

The House of Toyama image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head east good

Enshrine image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head, Mogami Sanju-san Kannon 31st bill place Mogami-machi is the middle of Edo.


Tortoise percent Kannon of easy childbirthing

Minister in the middle of and the Yoshitsune Minamoto master and servant falls Oshu in 1187 (Bunji 3) Imai appearance Kuga.


Old Ariji's residence house << Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence) >>

House of government official following border with Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence) Old Ariji's residence house << Hojin-no-Ie (old border agent's residence) >>.


Yamagata Castle Ruins (Kajo Park)

Kajo Park of city area is almost located in the center, area of approximately 35.9ha.


The Kuwajimas house

Historic building wooden construction 2 stories, the second floor mother appearance of a house containing, entrance hip roof, the first-floor back gabled roof.


[prefecture designation tangible cultural property] Former Nishimurayama-gun government office / former Nishimurayama County Council assembly hall…Sagae-shi native district hall

County where it was built ahead of the whole country when the township formation method was promulgated in 1878.


South bank Shrine

We praise to the memory of of Takamori Saigou sohizo completed in June, 1976.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]


Castle place of security treaty Tarosuke form of the Shonai etiquette place Sanju-san Kannon hallowed ground 14th Amarume lord of a castle.


The sixth white fox mountain, light star temple (Soto sect)

Temple where it is one of the 33, Shonai Kannon, and many people visit pilgrim from the whole country.


Amarume Hachiman Shrine

We collected faith as Mori of Amarume volost total local deity for a long time. Of *naisanhachiban.


Person of Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office

Approximately 2,300 tsubos (7623.. that served village official under Yamagata Castle in the Edo era


Kashiwakura Souemon house house

We establish a branch family than person of town designated cultural assets Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office in (1724) in 1724.


Mount Yudono total main hall of a temple waterfall Wed temple Dainichibo Temple

Ultimate Yudonosan Mountain Worship: Sokushinbutsu “Shinnyokai-shonin” Enshrined 33, Shonai Kannon 9..

[Tsuruoka-shi (Asahi district)]
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