Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (nature of Yamagata) of Oguni-machi

Mori Nukumi-daira Flat of the forest therapy (R) base beech

Mori, Nukumi-daira Flat April, 2006 of beech located in Bandai-Asahi National Park, all ..


Yagisawa Otaki Waterfalls

We fail in flow to three steps in the depths of "Mori chancre of health" Promenade, hollow of valley which opened out.



In spite of being waterfall with a few pitch differences said to that miller's thumb went up once, it is extensive.


It is waterfall again Asahi

Quantity of water is a lot daring. It falls into the Tamagawa opposite bank and can look from road. The fresh green and colored leaves.



Wild .. where "arekawakyo" belonging to Bandai-Asahi National Park Route 113 is along


Tengu Bridge

Of upper Tamagawa of the neighborhood of superb view point Tengu Bridge of Tamagawa to see to the bottom of a river of upper reaches.


Mori chancre of beech forest/health

Natural wood of beech of Yamagata is pride, this at area best at 136,000ha in Japan.


Mt. Ide

Echigo Miyama, Nikko ka Hiuchidake, Nasu mountain range, Mount Bandai, Mount Adatara, Azuma mountain range.


Tamagawa mountain stream, Shinden Bridge

Clear blue features Tamagawa mountain stream flowing from one of Ide Mountain Range. Ball.


Iide Kairagi-so Inn Sakura Park

Famous spot of "remaining snow cherry tree" flowering on the remaining snow in front of Iide Kairagi-so Inn secret cherry tree.


One of the Taruguchi Pass cherry tree

Top near the mountain pass deep in the mountain One isolated cherry tree which blooms in remaining snow. Oguni-machi.

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