Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (nature of Yamagata) of Sagae-shi

Azalea garden [Sagae Park]

The long Okayama whole area of the azalea garden city area center of the Tohoku's greatest scale is Sagae Park.


Hayama citizen-so

Mountain "Hayama" of faith that is old, and is one of the Dewa San-zan, and is still full of nature. .



Highest peak "Hayama" of Sagae-shi is known as crowd of mountaineering ascetics from the Nara era.


Two dam Shinsui Koen

It is got close to citizen as waterside that is next to city area. In spring.


Hill [Sagae Park] of cherry tree

Perfect cherry tree location Yoshino cherry tree, Hongshan cherry tree, .. which is used for shooting

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