Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (nature of Yamagata)

Sekiyama Otaki Waterfalls

We leave 10m in height of waterfall, width 15m noinhoshi, footprint including Shiki Masaoka. .


Tamasudare-no-Taki [waterfall]

Kobo Daishi (Kukai) discovered by oracle approximately 1,200 years ago and named.

[Sakata-shi (Yahata district)]

Otaki, Namerikawa

Japanese waterfall 100 selections No. 16. It is 3.. in mountain trail leaving for higashidai* from Namegawa Onsen


Takase-kyo Gorge

Roux that Takase-kyo Gorge can enjoy hinoki no swamp, grandmother swamp, waterfall and mountain stream to sit astride swamp of the sky.


Kuguri waterfall

<faith, tradition, origin> Pass from state that waterfall runs from rock; with waterfall.


Central part waterfall

With "doppara" physical state that underflow water of Mt. Chokai-san springs out of the hillside.


Fudo Falls (waterfall of good luck success in life)

It is waterfall of drop approximately 15m that we can consider to turn to the back of waterfall Shinto shrine. .

[Sakata-shi (Yahata district)]

Shirabuotaki Waterfall

Approximately 500m, 30m in height western than Shirabu Hot Springs


Higashizawa Rose Park

300 cherry trees bloom at time of cherry tree, and Higashizawa Rose Park which is famous spot of cherry tree is disturbed.


Zao Kogen Bodaira

It spreads through 1,200 meters from west foot, approximately 1,000 meters above sea level of Zao.


Mt. Gassan 8th station Midagahara

Mt. Gassan can go to the eighth stage by car and watches many alpine plants relatively easily.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

Deshio Monjudo / hydrangea approach to a shrine

On approach to a shrine (approximately 515 meters) of Deshio Monjudo of approximately 40 kinds, 2,500.


Sedge waterfall


Mt. Omoshiro colored leaves river valley

Trekking Courses that the spring fresh green, autumn colored leaves are beautiful


Waterfall of silver

It depends on Ginzan-gawa River rising from eastern part of Obanazawa-shi, Yamagata, high Cangshan (694m).


Tsuchiyu cedar (Genso-no-Mori (forest))

Natural cedar which both sides of Mogami River to Inohana, Tozawa-mura district ~ Tsuchiyu district are dotted with.


Firmness waterfall

<tradition> Firmness Takifudo   Soldier of Yoshiie Minamotono is close bear of this waterfall in old days.


Boy ka waterfall


Okitama Park herb garden

The prefecture where approximately 100 kinds of herb is cultivated on site of 1,000� most.


higashineasobia land

Under train gokkodeasobia walk, the blue sky story-telling, Ohisama of picture book.

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