Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (nature of Yamagata)

Mori of funagata Yakushi

It is near Okura-mura of the south direction, municipalities boundary of Oishida-machi from Matsubashi, Funagata-machi district.


Hand storehouse Mori moor

When deviate from paved forest road in sideway for 30 minutes, and walk approximately ten minutes, is open suddenly.


Yamanobe Town Tamamushi-numa Noson Park (farm village) "open space of fragrance"

Plateau of southeast hill country of plateau Tamamushi Pond of healing full of fragrances of lavender.


Waterfall of wild swamp

We can expect the background from Route 47, Nagaobashi. [Waterfall]


Fanwise-topknot hairstyle of fortune Akira temple

It is chest high people 4.6m, height of the tree 32m in about 200 years years old. Branch of big tree.


Monkey Haneyama Park

Enjoying seasonal flower and scenery in monkey Haneyama Park full of nature.


Pine of prayer to Buddha


Sweetfish park funagata (river Park)

Child land, the murmuring waterway, fountain, multipurpose open space, sweetfish type waterway.


Large wisteria of Fri Mineyama

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"

We do including symphony Asahi Peaks small Asahidake which clear stream plays with Kiki.



Town designated cultural assets


Whitecaps (the Sea of Japan)

The Japanese seashore is cold; and "whitecaps" which appear when is high of wave among the seas.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district), Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

The setting sun of the Sea of Japan

Please thoroughly enjoy setting sun changing variously in the four seasons * which is rich in the four seasons.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Mt. Hachimori

Pleasure resort spring to be able to enjoy through the four seasons is ha in camping, autumn in wild plants collecting, summer.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Akagawa embankment

Please thoroughly enjoy row of cherry blossom trees lasting about 1.5km; of Tsuruoka-shi and former Haguro-cho.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]


River Tsuruoka city area oyu where we drift to center of city area, and row of cherry blossom trees is beautiful in the riverside.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Mt. Takadate

Please enjoy walk in mountain chosen to 100 selections of Mori of forest bathing.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Tsuruoka Park

The castle, Tsurugaoka Castle ruins Park Sakais of the Shonai feudal lord, Sakais as Shonai feudal lord.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Yasuragi Park

Cherry blossoms corridor in accord with northeastern natural scenery Mawatari river row of cherry blossom trees of about 80 years years old.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Kushibiki district)]

Mt. Haguro-san Suginami Thu

View that got Michelin Guide 3 tsu star (is worth coming expressly).

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]
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