Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (nature of Yamagata)

Mogamikyo Bashou Line Kanko

Mogami-kyo Gorge Basho line which leave the position to flow of Mogami River, and enjoys scenery from the ship top.


Yamadera (autumn leaves)

As for "the Risshaku-ji Temple pleasing atmospheric scenery seasonally," colored leaves are right zetsu, too.


Higashizawa Rose Park

300 cherry trees bloom at time of cherry tree, and Higashizawa Rose Park which is famous spot of cherry tree is disturbed.


Tamasudare-no-Taki [waterfall]

Kobo Daishi (Kukai) discovered by oracle approximately 1,200 years ago and named.

[Sakata-shi (Yawata district)]

Oyamazakura in Nishi-Zao

Because cherry tree of Nishizao is of high altitudes, flowering makes a goal late most in Yamagata-shi.


Tendo Park (Maizuruyama)

Mt. Maizuru in center of Tendo-shi have a firm parent to citizen as symbol of town.


Ginzan Hot Springs (autumn leaves)

Walk Courses from silver mine hot-spring resort to "waterfall of silver" "silver mine sinus" walks with yukata.


Matsugasaki Park (cherry blossoms)

Tourists many in famous spot of cherry blossom viewing that approximately 250 cherry trees around moat shine in the surface of the water.


Zao Echo Line (autumn leaves)

Road of approximately 26km in total length to link Zao-machi, Miyagi to Kaminoyama-shi, Yamagata "is echoed Zao.


Hiyoriyama Park

There is Hiyoriyama Park that setting sun sinking into the Sea of Japan excites travel emotions in famous spot of cherry tree.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Shinjo Castle Ruins: Mogami Park

Shinjo-shi is a castletown with 68,200-goku. The castle Shinjyo castle.


Deshio Monjudo / hydrangea approach to a shrine

On approach to a shrine (approximately 515 meters) of Deshio Monjudo of approximately 40 kinds, 2,500.



Call valley of section to Furukuchi ~ Kiyokawa whom Mogami River flows through "Mogami-kyo Gorge".


Yamagata-shi west Park

West Park pays its attention to absorption, green work fixing with carbon dioxide; the earth.


Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"

[, for heavy rain disaster of 2013, it becomes impossible of traffic for the time being] ※.


Genso-no-Mori (forest)

Cedar is cedar seen in the Mogami-kyo Gorge whole area among the mountains of Tsuchiyu in Mori. 1,000 years old.


Cherry Blossoms at Kaminoyama Castle (Tsukioka Park)

One of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the city. garima wide scenery of cherry tree which is beautiful mainly on Kaminoyama-jo Castle.


Mogami-kyo Gorge (colored leaves)

Colored leaves to see from ship of "Mogami barge descent" can thoroughly enjoy scenery that gangs were different in again.


Hydrangea forest

Famous spot of flower hydrangea of city. 34 kinds of hydrangeas which is flower of Shinjo-shi are 45.


Cherry tree of Shinjyo Castle ruins, Mogami Park

Shinjyo Castle ruins that Tozawa ruled in the territory for 243 years. It is zan with feature at the time.

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