Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (nature of Yamagata)

Lilium rubellum

It is called Mt. alpine plant Lilium rubellum Shimokomatsu blooming in Mt. Shimokomatsu old burial mound group.


Narushima wakuwakurando

Land which is boiled which is boiled that excursion of nursery school and kindergarten became classic now. .


Okitama Park herb garden

Prefecture where approximately 100 kinds of herb is cultivated on site of 1,000�.


Kawanishi Dahlia Garden

Sightseeing dahlia Land of biggest in Japan scale opened in 1960 "Kawanishi dahlia.


Garden of Uesugi Memorial Hall

Earl old Uesugi's house. Garden made after the fashion of Hamarikyu of Tokyo is three Yonezawa garden.


Onogawa firefly Park

We can admire in Onogawa firefly Park of 200m from hot-spring resort. hota.


Large hoe on mountain

Yamagata Prefecture designation is particularly owned by natural monument S30.8.1 designation, individual


Blaze waterfall

Height 60m


ukogino fence

We served as food with plant of prickly shrub of the family Araliaceae department with prickly shrub of the family Araliaceae for a long time in the Yonezawa district.


Juhyo tree (tree rime) of Zao

Periodic wind blowing from Siberia is wind containing water in the Sea of Japan.


Odaruma-no-Sakura Park

Change that cherry tree blooms for long period as there are various kinds of cherry trees.


Zao Seminational Park

[Yamagata-shi, Kaminoyama-shi]

Nabekake pine trees

Pine which there was in the Mogami River banks of a river for the Mogami River water transportation era. It is boatman under this pine.


Cherry Blossoms of Bodhidarma

Legend of "we grow Dharma" is sa of Odaruma which there is, and is presented here.


Tate-no-Oicho (Large Ginkgo tree)

From 1445 (Bunan 2) to 1622 (Genna 8) of most customs shed attainting.


Person of Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office safflower Festival

Old The old Kashiwagura's Residence and safflower field of inheritance authorized "safflower culture that Risshaku-ji Temple supported" of Japan.


Pine (prefecture designated cultural assets) of guardian deity of children of Haraida

... grass is 4m30c.. anecdote that is mysterious to huge tree of 400 years years old


Two dam Shinsui Koen

It is got close to citizen as waterside that is next to city area. In spring.


Hayama [Sagae-shi]

Is known as hallowed ground of mountaineering asceticism from the Nara era, primeval forest and alpine plant of beech.

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