Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (leisure of Yamagata) of Kaminoyama-shi

Lina World

Amusement park largest in Tohoku filled with light, nature, Wed! Average year, the middle of March ~.


ZAO Tairagura

General interchange facility which was born in Zaobo-daira Flat. The whole country that is usable by wide competition.


Zao Sarukura rest house

Jingisukan along Zao Echo Line is rest house of favorable reception.


Zao Sarukura skiing area

Daddy easily! Mom relief! I satisfaction! ◇There is not snow boarder! .


Zaobo-daira Flat National camping area

(1) ZAO Tairagura Agriculture by farmhouse production local in facility.


Scripture mound Yamabumi Securities studies promenade

On natural walk way of pine wood, we can overlook Mount Zao. Monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Mokichi Saito.

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