Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (experience of Yamagata) of Oguni-machi

Mori chancre beech forests walk, studying nature of health

It spreads through the chancre foot of a mountain whole area The training, the accommodations in beech forests. About 180.


Mori walk of the forest therapy base (R) Nukumi-daira Flat beech

It is refreshed heart in white Mori! We let you work as everybody well from the bottom of the body.


"mamino is flat"; natural sightseeing chestnut garden

We can enjoy gathering chestnuts at very large site. Play in autumn daily nature.


White Mori Mokko building woodwork experience/Oguni-machi

"White Mori Mokko building" While feeling warmth and gentleness of Thu World dehi.


Yokokawa dam kitekuro building

Information space of Shiroimori Oguni lake (Yokokawa dam) area and dam "come.


Sports camp/Oguni-machi

We were united with sports interchange center ass net synthesis Sports Park.

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