Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (experience of Yamagata) of Yuza-machi

Salmon grabbing Contest

Yuza-machi worked on incubation business of salmon from the Meiji era. Still.


Agriculture and forestry fishery experience training hall "sanyuu"

We can have an experience made with sanyuuha, making soba, Sasamaki. (Reservation required)


Mt. Chokai-san mountain climbing

We guide mountain climbing of northeastern eminent grand mountain, Mt. Chokai-san. Local primary and secondary student.


Experience made with traditional native district meal "Sasamaki" of Yuza

As traditional native district meal of Yuza, is loved by local people and is inherited; "Sasamaki.


Eyebrows jewelry experience / Yuza-machi

We do eyebrows jewelry by their hands.


Interesting natural private supplementary school "Soba Making Experience" to experience at the foot of Mt. Chokai-san

It is Soba Making Experience using buckwheat flour cultivated in local "Kanemata district". .


Exploration observation of village forest

There is ho in village forest while observing flower and the trees and plants of village forest to be able to enjoy in each season; ..

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