Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (experience of Yamagata) of Kaminoyama-shi

Experience (the 15 shop head office) made with Japanese confectionery

※Body for the time being for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread made with Japanese confectionery.


Then riding club

It is small horseback riding club in the foot of Zao of Yamagata. Of British.


Zao Liza World

Right around is Mori of Juhyo tree (tree rime). Family Gueret to be able to enjoy in parent and child three generations.


Maki Yamakawa ground (Zao mountain farm)

Ranch is in site, calf and goat, rabbit, contact with dogs.


Animal Track Snow Hiking

In Mori of Mori/wild bird of Shimizu in the back of tooCotton on the snow.

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