Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (experience of Yamagata) of Tozawa-mura

Experience that Mogami-kyo Gorge is interesting

In raft descent, hiking, making soba, Mogami River Nara including barbecue.


Ship descent and trekking

From Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station from Mogami-kyo Gorge hometown village of the 5km down stream to Togawa Sennin-do.


Teuchi soba experience

Craftsman who usually provides soba as making soba craftsman instructs.


Mogami River river port

Mogami ship descent, kosensho


Soba Making Experience (three Court Security Office sides)

They use 100% of soba from Tozawa-mura, and fragrance and eminent drinkability are outstanding. .


Sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden

The northeastern part, Mogami area of Yamagata Prefecture is treasure house of wild plants. In four places of sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden.

[Funagata-machi, Mamurogawa-machi, Sakegawa-mura, Tozawa-mura]

Raft descent

Make "raft" with oneself, Mogami lower part of a river risurukogadekimasu. Child.

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