Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (experience of Yamagata)

Snowshoe Snow hike

Snow trekking experience using "snowshoe"


Yonezawa skiing area (ski experience, school camping trip)

Other than winter sports such as ski, snowboarding, we pick wild plants.


Tengendai Kogen skiing area (ski classroom)

Because with a few burdens to foot as for good-quality powdery snow proud of the Honshu top-class to, it is the top.


Tengendai Kogen (Mt. Nishi Azuma trekking)

The Azuma mountain range highest peak that is counted in 100 famous mountains in Japan here Mt. Nishi Azuma (altitude 2,..


Good luck forest industrial arts (experience made with woodwork accessories)

Production of "pagoda tree" quality of lumber is old and is known as Thu of happiness, Thu of good luck charm more.


Shinaori experience

Prefecture of Niigata and Yamagata that one of the Japan's three biggest ancient cloth, "Shinaori" can experience.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

/ Asahi-machi made with honey candle

There is catering experience classroom (business trip), too, is pitta for child society event.


Himawari (cookies) ground golf course

Play while we look at Mt. Gassan and Zao is the best! It is on Mogami River Nakayama green tract of land.


Agriculture experience, education trip

In Shonai-machi green tourism promotion meeting, it is charm and Shonai-machi of agriculture.


King Nishikura Heights snowmobile school

Snowmobile Trying Out


King Nishikura Heights Snow paradise

Snowmobile Trying Out


Glass beads and folk handicraft Japanese paper Yamato shop (glass beads production experience)

It is glass beads studio which we can experience in Yonezawa alone. Glass beads of writer handicraft.


Yonezawa textile kimono rental

Shall we see the sights of Yonezawa with brief rental kimono? Arrival at two copies of simple ceremonies.


Mogami's History Hall supporter

We carry out guide in Mogami's History Hall


River Station, Mogami-kyo Gorge kusanagi

Mogami ship descent, kosensho The first floor is stand and restaurant. .


Umbrella fortune production experience

We will make favorite decoration One of the Japan's three biggest ready-made decorations.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Iide Dondendaira Snow Park

Lots of snow activities, which you may not try anywhere else, as much as you like! Thank you for waiting!! .


Gassan Snowshoe Trekking

Let's walk on the snowy world as far as the eye can see! As it is snow shoe, we can jump up and down.


Maemori Highlands horseback riding ground frontier farm

Horseback riding experience is eye over previewing of a horse to be entered in a race to be able to enjoy in peace and one rank in children.

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