Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing (experience of Yamagata)

Maki Yamakawa ground (Zao mountain farm)

There is ranch in site, calf and goat, rabbit, contact and bait with dogs.


One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama (the making of string of beads, copying of a sutra)

One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama who conveys prayer temple and law style of person of Uesugi of bathroom mountain range Buddhist monk in now. .


Stained glass production experience

In opposite play studio of the Tsuruoka Catholic Church, it is lamp shade and a large number of flowers.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Glass beads and folk handicraft Japanese paper Yamato shop (glass beads production experience)

It is free in Yonezawa who always displays and sells glass beads of writer handicraft more than 500 points.


House of Soba Making Experience / farm village tradition

Receive instruction of side artisan of Farm Village Cultural Preservation Museum; and Soba Making Experience. By oneself.


Gassan Snowshoe Trekking

Mountains, woods, and air are white and clear as much as snow at the foot of Gassan in winter. .


Unohana hot spring "Hagi-no-oyu"

Abundant quantity of water of 100% of sources and mild warmth after bath are feelings.


Mogami River canoe land (SD SPORTS rubber boat, canoe experience)

Difficult place "Gohyakugawa Valley" of former water transportation makes use of the characteristic now, and zetsu.


Tobishima Sea zuri Park

Tobishima Sea zuri Park in southern coast of Katsuura Port. First Japanese floating form underwater sail ".

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Experience (the 15 shop head office) made with Japanese sweet

<we experience the making of Japanese sweet> In our store, even whom can enjoy.


"mamino is flat"; natural sightseeing chestnut garden

There are 1,000 chestnut trees in chestnut garden of 4ha in value district, and it is autumn.


Zao Kanjiki Trekking

The statue of Zao Jizoson [Ksitigarbha] comes into sight as soon as you go out of Jizo- Sancho Station. It is snowy to this season, shoulder completely.


Blow; glass classroom / Obanazawa-shi

"Glass Studio Asahi" which was made by local glass industrial artist. State.


Grasshopper experience / Shinjyo twilling hexagonally

Wind that Shinjyo twilling hexagonally that began in 1830 (Bunsei 13) was quiet.


Drawn shogi piece experience (holder piece) / Tendo-shi

In Tendo-shi studio proud of production of best shogi pieces in Japan, it is eye by the skill of expert piece craftsman.


Kaminohata-yaki Ware ceramic art painting classroom / Obanazawa-shi

Fantastic porcelain "Kaminohata-yaki Ware" which disappeared in birth, just ten several years late in the Edo era. .


Of fruit tree pick off; experience-based / Higashine-shi

We pick off, and fruit tree at sightseeing orchard which is 24 places in Higashine-shi is experience. ※.


Mountain priest practices experience

Dewa San-zan is generic name of Mt. Haguro-san, Mt. Gassan, Mount Yudono and prays in Miyama.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

Mt. Gassan agate work experience / Nishikawa-machi

Morning Hizure where agate is removed in all parts of the world, but Mt. Gassan agate has beech virgin forest.

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