Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Tendo-shi

Gokurakuen garden

kosuikobuyasakuo assumes unemployment relief work at the time in 1928 (Showa 3).


Tendo-shi art museum

Collection of Japanese painting is substantial. In addition, we are from Gifu.


Yamagata Prefecture General Sports Park

dai where Yamagata Prefecture General Sports Park was held as wide area Park in 1992.


Omachi Cherry Garden/fruit picking

In large garden, infant and the elderly are picked off to deep red exceedingly high mountain in peace by Sato Nishiki Cherry, too.


Cherry garden wild grass hermitage/fruit picking

Stone fields and mountains grass, stone image of Jizo belonging to display and sell in log house. Experience-based classroom is Ltd., too. ※Open.


Yamagata Cherry Garden/fruit picking

As, as for the characteristic of Yamagata Cherry Garden, Gifts of Sankurambo is belonging to the prefecture alone.


Tendo-shi shogi museum

Tendo-shi is town of the best shogi in Japan and is about 95% of national shares. Commander.


Hiroshige Museum

Hiroshige art museum where works of Hiroshige Utagawa known as ukiyoe artist widely were collected.


Flower shade orchard/fruit picking

It is sightseeing orchard of five minutes by car from Yamadera Station ※About period, it is each home.


Drawn shogi piece experience (holder piece)/Tendo-shi

The skill of piece craftsman expert in Tendo-shi studio proud of production of best shogi pieces in Japan.


Tendo Kogen Ski Area

It is soot for families with ski snowboarding beginner and child.


Pleasure of home life waterfall

On Okuno-in Temple front shrine side of high Takiyama Fudo-son , it runs in thick neatness. [Waterfall]


Dewazakura Museum of Art

The beauty of foundation which ceramics and craft Dewa cherry tree brewing of old Korea run.


Tendo Kogen

We turn red in spring in camping, hiking, autumn in grassy plain of the fresh green, wild plants picking, summer.


Young Matsudera

Hallowed ground that bank group Bodhisattva performed founding of in youngest 708 (Christian era 708 years) in the Asuka era.


Tendo Park (Maizuruyama)

Mt. Maizuru which it is almost located in the central part, and can be also known as symbol of city of city area.


Dewa famous temple with a venerable history three temple gives up

As three old historic temples more than founding 1,100 years that Yamagata is proud of, temple of evil destiny limit.

[Yamagata-shi, Sagae-shi, Tendo-shi]

Tendo shogi interchange room

We enjoyed referring to shogi casually and comfortably freely anytime.

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