Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Yonezawa-shi

Yonezawa cannot do it this way

It is batting center along 13 of Yonezawa. Experienced person.


Miyasaka Archaeology Museum

In the cultural assets Main Building of Yonezawa feudal clan, late Zen Miyasaka assistant first generation director is life oka of 80 rest of life.


One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama (the making of string of beads, copying of a sutra)

Power spot of Yonezawa. Pray at Oguro; and kaiummanekifuku. String of beads zuku.


Yonezawa Station

Green window [line] The JR Yamagata Shinkansen (the Fukushima Tokyo area.


Hotel otowa

It supports the Internet in all rooms


Kitamura Park

Tennis court, open space, cherry tree (clothes yellow)


Yonezawa skiing area (ski experience, school camping trip)

Other than winter sports such as ski, snowboarding, we pick wild plants.


Tengendai Kogen skiing area (ski classroom)

Because with a few burdens to foot as for good-quality powdery snow proud of the Honshu top-class to, it is the top.


Mogami River upper reaches river green tract of land

Open space, lawn, saic road, soccer ground, baseball field


Kitayama original martyrdom remains

By survey by shuinteku father who started for his new post in church of Tateyama in 1928.


The U.S. texture hall

.. before continuing up to the present day from the times of Lord Yozan of Yonezawa textile which is key industry of Yonezawa

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